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Avocado Oil, 100ml


Avocado Oil 100% pure, obtained by cold pressed.

In cosmetics Avocado oil is one of the most moisturizers oil, that is exceptional for dry skin, but very suitable for all skin types. It contains lots of vitamins (group A, B and E), minerals and very beneficial for the skin fatty acids. That is, ideal to nourish the skin deep.

It contains no toxins or parabens. 100 % pure.

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  • Like a moisturizer cream: after washing the face with an appropriate mild soap or a cleaning or a tonic, you can apply avocado oil as a moisturizer, just a few drops on your fingers and spread them on the face, it absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy feeling on the skin.
  • It can also be used as a body moisturizer, or relaxing massages.
  • For dry, chapped hands. It is absorbed quickly.
  • For skin with stretch marks.
  • As a hair mask as deeply moisturizes. Therefore we put it in the hair, all daubed, and let it act. At least 20 minutes, if more is better. Then wash with regular shampoo. It may be just the avocado oil or mixed with olive oil, argan, or egg whites. Great for nourish!!
  • For the beard, why not, if it's good for the skin of the face and hair, for the beard too, we can use it putting a small amount (a few drops on fingertips and then extending the beard) or in more amount as a mask for beard, but leaving act  over 30 minutes, then cleaning with shampoo beard.

Suitable for vegans.

You can learn more of this interesting fruit in an article on the blog La Barberia Shop.

Suitable for vegans.