Feather AS-D2S Stainless Razor & Stand


The AS-D2-S is the second generation of razors Feather entirely made ​​of stainless steel.

Everything about her is outstanding. The handle has a length and a fluted pattern that guarantees a firm, comfortable and precise grip that join to his head achieves a balance and a placement almost perfect.

With a stainless steel stand.

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226.00 €

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The AS-D2S has a unique and stylish fitted stainless steel stand specially designed to hold the razor upright.

Feather ASD2S all stainless steel razor is one of the finest razors in production today.

The AS-D2-S is an exquisite tool that joins maximum precision and the highest quality materials, which makes it one of the most advanced and unique market razors.


Packaged in a burgundy gift box.


Made in Japan.