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Although Feather started manufacturing in 1932, it did not receive its name until 1953. Since then, Feather has been producing high precision and performance cutting instruments in various fields such as industry or medicine.

But the razor blades are still their flagship product, they are the reference in terms of quality and performance.

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  • Feather razor blades are of exceptional quality and probably the sharpest market. His platinum coating helps protect against oxidation and preserve its unique cutting capacity.   Pack of 10 sheets   Manufactured in Japan   Compatible with most market razors

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    The AS-D2-S is the second generation of razors Feather entirely made ​​of stainless steel. Everything about her is outstanding. The handle has a length and a fluted pattern that guarantees a firm, comfortable and precise grip that join to his head achieves a balance and a placement almost perfect. With a stainless steel stand.

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  • The Feather razor blades for safety razors and shavette-type free shavers, are Japanese blades manufactured by FEATHER Safety Razor Co. These razors have the reputation of being the sharpest ever on the market (as per good Japanese tradition), as well as being among the best quality blades available, even if not excelled in terms of amount of shaving...

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items