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Essential oil Bergamot, 10ml


Essential oil of Bergamota or Citrus bergamia. Obtained by extraction in cold of the skin of the fruit. 100 % natural.

This citric, very similar to the lemon, but with a different form, has a typical smell used in the elaboration of the Eau de Cologne.


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It is one of the most strange oils and with more value in perfumery, it has a fresh and fruity fragrance. It contains linalol. It is very used in the modern perfumery, appears in 34 % of the feminine perfumes and in 50 % of the masculine fragrances, also it is used in splash colognes and in preparations for the hair.

A Piedmontese, Giovanni Maria Farina, opened in Cologne (Germany) a business and put in sale a perfume elaborated with this essential oil, which it would ending named Eau de Cologne, that is to say a splash cologne.

But the bergamot has not limited herself to be part of the majority of fragrances, but it aromatizes liquors and one type of tea (the Earl Grey), besides being in use as medicinal, especially in the oriental medicine.

Recommendation: use it diluted at 1%, and do not be exposed to the Sun just after its use. It is possible to use it for aromatizing the rooms, realize massages, baths or inhalations.

Suitable for vegans.