Straight Razor Thiers Issard “EVIDE SONNANT EXTRA 6/8” blond horn


C135 forged carbon steel (not stainless *) . “Shave Ready" , ready for use.


Satin finish, marking " évidé sonnant EXTRA" on the blade and " Thiers- Issard MADE IN FRANCE on the tang.


Anti-slip knurling on the lower side of the tang.


Straight blade with rounded tip


Size 6/8


Blond horn handle**


Leather case


Issard Thiers knives are manufactured in France since 1884.

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Thiers - Issard was founded in 1884 by Pierre Thiers (1860-1929) a skilled blacksmith with a great reputation for making great pocket knives.


After the death of Pierre, his son Pierre Thiers (1884-1962) would take over the company helped by his brother Louis.


The factory remained in family hands until 1985, when Philippe Gilles Thiers Reynewaeter sold it.


Gilles Reynewaeter undertook not only to perpetuate the tradition , also extended the offer with new materials , ivory , horn, bone , woods from everywhere , Damascus steel , including turtle shell , until then reserved for nobles and kings. Turning Thiers Issard into what is today, a world reference.


Thiers Issard currently offers a range of knives (available only on request) of simply exceptional quality and finishes by raising the level of craftsmanship to real art.



* The best way to keep carbon steel is to use it daily, clean it with warm water and dry it well with a soft cloth or towel after each use.

If you will not use the knife for a while, we will keep it out of its case with a product that protects the blade rust and stains as petrolatum, preferably other than water based. A knife of this quality deserves taking care as lifelong.

** The photograph is indicative ( ). Each razor made ​​of blond horn is unique and unrepeatable.