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Böker Elite Carbon SE 2.0


Böker (Solingen, Germany) has been producing razors since 1869. In recent years, Böker has made significant investments in materials, equipment and qualified personnel.


Elite Carbon, joins tradition and high technology, which have give Böker its international recognition.


Exceptional quality and latest materials. A classic straight razor for the XXI century.

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Böker Elite Carbon


Since the late nineteenth century, Boker manufactured its razors series under the name "Elite". In 2015 Böker has been proposed to recover this historical name for its latest model. The Elite Carbon Böker 6/8.


The manually contoured carbon handle of this Special Edition goes perfectly with the elaborately ground blade spine and Spanish point. The CNC-milled carbon scales are polished to achieve a subtle sheen and highlight the special texture of this high-end material. Another highlight is the center element of red G10. The blade is ground extra hollow with ridge. Comes with historic packaging and certificate of authenticity.


With all this, the new Elite Carbon Böker 6/8 achieves stability and smooth passage.




* The best way to keep carbon steel is to use it daily, clean it with warm water and dry it well with a soft cloth or towel after each use.

If you will not use the straight razor for a while, we will keep it out of its case with a product that protects the blade rust and stains as petrolatum, preferably other than water based. A knife of this quality deserves taking care as lifelong.