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Parker straight razor SRXBLK


Parker's barber razors are used in barbershops and shave parlors worldwide. The unique clip to close mechanism on this razor keeps the razor blade securely in place and perfectly aligned. 

Weight: 54 gr

Length: 13.3 cm

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Unlike most shavettes, the Parker straight razor SRXBLK has a heavyweight stainless steel blade arm in addition to a stainless-steel handle with an elegant black finish – not lower quality aluminum. 

Many have told us that the shavette razors perform just like a straight razor — except that there is no honing or sharpening required. Just pick your favorite double edge blade, snap it in half, and insert it into the razor. It's that simple! If you prefer, try our Parker Premium Platinum blades already pre-cut.

Instructions for use:


This Shavette used razor blades double standard edge halved, the placement process of these is quite simple:


1.) With the razor blade in its packaging, then carefully fold it lengthwise until the blade yield and cracking by the groove.

2.) Open the lid of the Shavette fully back.

3.) Detach the stand so that the Shavette be deployed in three parts.

4.) Carefully take half the razor blade and put in the attachments.

5.) Carefully close the support on the match until the pins and the blade is secure so that the blade edge is displayed uniformly on the entire surface

6.) Finally, enjoy a good shave, unhurriedly.