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SHAVING CREAM, The Bluebeard Revenge,100ml


Luxury shaving cream, winner of FHM awards 2013. Designed to reduce the growth of the beard and of the most common problems of shaving as may be cuts or irritation.

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The best shaving experience for real men


Suitable for those who resist beards shaved, and after a shave in the morning, in the mid-afternoon they are already prepared for a second shave.


We cannot avoid having a tough beard that seems sandpaper and defying the noblest razor blades, but we can choose a solution that works.



This shaving cream Bluebeards Revenge, contains no parabens, and has specific ingredients to tame the toughest beards, as Decelerine designed to slow the growth of facial hair.


Designed and exported directly from the UK, where they have recognized expertise in shaving products.


How to use


The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream has been formulated with the highest standards in the manufacture of luxury shaving cream.


What does it smell like?


It has the characteristic smell of the firm, which was chosen by users. It is based on English, fresh and classic barbershop scent with a modern line.


How long will it last?


On average, Shaving Cream 100ml Bluebeards Revenge, usually lasts 2-3 months.


It CONTAINS DECELERINE ™ - Reduce the growth of the beard and provides a recovering effect on the skin.

It has been proven effective in the inhibition of hair growth, decreasing the length and density and also provides a soothing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect.


In tests DECELERINE ™ showed a decrease of 30% in hair length and a 16% reduction in hair density after 60 days.


In addition to slow beard regrowth, DECELERINE ™ soothes and softens the effects of shaving (especially skin prone to irritation and dryness), providing hydration and protection to facilitate regeneration.