Shaving Brush Mühle Classic Silvertip FIBRE® - M -

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A good shaving brush is for many the beginning of a good shave, and Classic Silvertip FIBRE® series is certainly one of them in any of its sizes Mühle has achieved almost perfect balance between classic shaving and the use of the most revolutionary materials. Knot M: 21 mm Silvertip FIBRE® Polished black resin handle


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Resins Mühle


Mühle resins use only the highest quality, which surfaces are processed and refined separately. This material is ideal because it allows a wide range of designs and attractive colors, and a use resistance and outstanding humidity. Each piece is polished in several stages in order to achieve a particular brightness, ensuring its beauty for years.


Silvertip FIBRE®


The synthetic fibers used by Mühle, represent a world innovation, its properties are comparable to badger Premium silvertip. The "Silvertip FIBRE® " is very soft on the skin , but more stable than the natural hair.


These properties make creating an excellent creamy and rich lather very easy, offering a really good performance. In addition, the fibers are less sensitive than the natural hair, dry quickly, are very resistant to use and cause no harm to the animal.


Vegan friendly.