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Mr Cleancut's Shaving Oil, 50ml


Mr Cleancut's Shaving Oil, 50ml

With grapeseed oil, jojoba, lime, peppermint and tea tree.

It provides a pleasant feeling of freshness while lubricates the skin and prepares it for shaving, avoiding dehydration. It disinfects the skin thanks to tea tree oil and lime oil.

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Shaving oils are highly recommended always, but even if we have sensitive skin or are beginning to shaving with a straight razor, lubricating the skin and prepare it for shaving, helping slide the blade.


How to use


It is necessary to moisten the face, wash it with a mild soap and warm water, dry gently with a towel and apply this shaving oil. We left a few minutes and we can shave. If you prefer you can also use a good soap or shaving cream later.


We can also use this oil as aftershave, it moisturizes the skin and gently disinfects.


Another use is just like facial massage oil man. Grapeseed oil contains many antioxidants, vitamin C, D and E, is outstanding against skin aging, increasing the strength thereof and making it more elastic, disguising wrinkles. It also acts as a soothing, penetrates easily without clogging the pores, is good for all skin types, including oily skin.


We can also be used for the body, hands, to moisturize the elbows, knees, against stretch marks in all skin types.

And if you want a relaxing and refreshing bath you can take a few drops of this oil in the water.