Pre Shave Oil, Saponificio Varesino, 50ml


The balanced blend of essential oils, achieves a pre and post shaving comfort and an unbeatable final result caring deeply the skin.

Its characteristic scent (which disappears after shaving) and green color are due to the essential oils used which have kept all the beneficial properties that some products lose during refining and deodorization.

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The container with roll-on, is protected by a special glass violet, whose features ensure maximum protection against potential damage caused by light, ensuring the duration and effectiveness of its natural components.

 Active Ingredients: 

• Hypericum oil: healing, soothing and regenerative cell

• Sweet Almond Oil: moisturizing and firming

• Avocado oil: regenerating, soothing and protective

• Wheat Germ Oil: moisturizing and nourishing

• Evening primrose oil: anti-inflammatory

• Grapeseed oil: astringent, firming

• Shea Oil: moisturizing, firming, soothing

• Lauric acid: antiseptic