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Speick Men Active After Shave Lotion, BIO, 100ml


Speick Sensitive Men Active After Shave Lotion BIO, is manufactured in Germany with natural ingredients with no artificial coloring or preservatives, gluten or lactose. 100 % free of parabens.


Its special formula with vitamin C and vitamin F natural and essential oil of hazel nourishes and restores the natural balance of protecting skin from irritation leaving it soft and revitalized.


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Speick Sensitive Men Active after Shave Lotion BIO with BDIH certificate.

Speick, a plant, a brand

Speick was founded in 1928, to continue the family tradition of making soap to wash clothes, but soon the idea of ​​a natural soap for body care taking advantage of the medicinal properties of a plant growing in the area and that had been prized for centuries for its relaxing effect, revitalizing the body, mind and soul; came.


Each Speick product contains essential oil of Valeriana Celtica high mountain (the Speick plant), which for centuries has been handpicked by farmers in Carinthia, Austria.


Speick actively supports the traditional wild collection as part of a conservation project of the Alpine region of Carinthia. Since 2003, the "Speick plant" is one of the few European plants certified with the controlled wild collection, performed only by families in the area licensed to it being Speick the sole manufacturer worldwide.

Suitable for vegans.