Shaving Set Muhle Liscio, Steamed Ash, Black Fibre


The Liscio Mühle series impresses with its pure, simple and elegant style, combined with superb ergonomic features that make no doubt this shaving set is an excellent choice.

    Steamed ash with chrome-plated metal highlights handle,
and black fibre (knot 21 mm)

     Compatible with Gillette Fusion™

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Black Fibre

We developed this purely vegan quality specially for wet shaving. In their dark colouring and softness the synthetic fibres largely resemble natural hair material of pure badger quality and are also a little softer at the tips.

The synthetic fibres possess equally good performance characteristics. At the same time, the fibres prove somewhat sturdier and more durable. Some users prefer this material not only due to its vegan properties, but also because it produces particularly creamy shaving lather.


Steamed ash

For our purposes, the kind of wood is briefly heated to a very high temperature.

In this process it attains high resistance to water, the grain is accentuated and the wood takes on its brown colour. In order to preserve the naturalness of the surface, however, it is treated only with oil, not lacquered. This provides the wood with perfect protection against water and makes it particularly long-lasting.


Vegan friendly