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Rosemary Essential oil, 10ml


The essential oil of Rosemary, (Rosmarinus officinalis L.) 100 %, is obtained by steam distillation the flowers. The qualities of the essential oil of Rosemary are great, antiseptic, fragrant, balsamic, cardiotonic, carminative, digestive, diuretic, stimulants and a length etc.

Do not use during the pregnancy.


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Rosemary is a typically Mediterranean plant very used from the antiquity. Its name means "Dew of the sea".

Its essential oil has innumerable properties. For oral route, it exercises a tonic stimulant action on the heart, blood flow and the nervous system.

For external route it improves the cardiac problems, the rheumatism, the neuralgias (frictions) and the debility (I) (bathe). The water of rosemary in lotions is a good stimulant of the hairy leather, strengthening the hair and anticipating its fall.

The alcohol of rosemary is a great disinfectant for wounds, in frictions it provides an invigorating and anti-rheumatic action. Rubbing with it the zones and aching and inflamed joints it acts as sedative, dissolving the fat of the legs and improving the varicose veins. And legend said that from its leaves is obtained the…

"The water of Queen of Hungary"

The Queen (not that young) would have created a miraculous water to attack the oldness. After one treat with this water (with anti-rheumatic properties), the Queen rejuvenated up to such a point that inspired the love of the King of Poland, younger than her, and he did not doubt to marry her… Nowadays, this "miraculous water of Hungary", an alcoholate of rosemary obtained by distillation of rosemary, cedar and turpentine, is a very used product in perfumery.

Suitable for vegans.

100% pure.