Ikon B1 Slant Stainless Steel Safety Razor with 80mm Bulldog polished handle


The First Precision Stainless Steel Slant Ever Made: 100% Stainless Steel

Unique in the realm of DE razors , the iKon Slant double edge razor provides a guillotine type of cutting angle effectively terminating stubble with extreme prejudice.

iKon’s very own B1 coating is durable and protects the razor from stains.

Uses all standard double edge safety razor blades.

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108.90 €

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The 80mm Bulldog handle, also made entirely with stainless steel and hard chrome.

  • Stainless Steel Slant Head

Ikon black finish “Diamond Like Carbon” DLC

Weight 40 gr

  • Bulldog Stainless Polished Steel Handle

Polished Chrome Finish

Length 80 mm.

Diameter 13 mm.

Weight 70 gr.

  • Total weight 110 gr.