MÜHLE Companion safety razor coral cord


New MÜHLE safety razor
Closed comb with gentle adjusted blade angle for greater protection 
Easy to use and ideal for beginners

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39.00 €

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Rails on both sides of the top plate create more distance between the blade and the skin, reducing the risk of nicks or scratches while shaving.

Minimal blade exposure for a smooth, and gentle shave.

Protective flaps over the blunt ends of the blade

Non-slip handle with fingerprint structure

Made of metal and satin chrom finish

The COMPANION features rails on both sides of the top plate enabling the user to find the perfect angle for shaving (30°-50°). If the angle is too small or too large the rail will adjust the distance between blade and skin. Blade exposure is also kept at a minimum level to allow for a smooth yet gentle shave

Weight: 89g