6144 Silvertip Badger Omega shaving brush – Root wood


An exceptional Shaving Brush. Its hand-turned heather root handle, in addition to being very elegant and beautifully grained, ensures excellent performance which, combined with an extremely soft silvertip badger hair, make this brush a true luxury item in the world. to enjoy daily.


Knot 24mm

Hair Height 55mm

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107.90 €

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Silvertip Badger: The Silvertip Badger knot is the finest and most expensive. Hairs are carefully selected by hand and their tip turns out to be very clear, almost silvery. The domed shape of the knot allows the brush to retain a large amount of water as to easily make a very good and rich lather. Silvertip Badger shaving brushes are well-known for their softness and they’re considered, without any doubt, the top quality in traditional wet shaving.