Dovo Master's Straight Razor Ebony 6/8"


Its elegantly engraved 6/8 blade made of the highest quality carbon steel and its resistant and precious ebony wood handle, are the perfect combination of elegance and sophistication with the tradition of the craftsmen of Solingen (Germany)

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Manufactured by Dovo in Solingen, Germany, the Master's straight razor features a 6/8" carbon steel blade and genuine Ebony handle. Branded with 'Dovo Solingen, made in Germany'. Straight razors leaving Dovo are Shave-ready. They are honed and stropped to pass Dovo's ‘Hair Test’ giving evidence of ultimate cutting. Then they are carefully wrapped, boxed and sealed to guarantee workmanship. Please note, further stropping may be required.

  • Handle length 140mm
  • Blade size 6/8"
  • Razor weight 58g




A carbon steel knife is a precision tool, in situations and humidity environments without proper maintenance, it can quickly show rust.


Please, if you have any questions about its maintenance we will be happy to help you.


With simple and adequate care it will fulfill its function for many, many years.


* The best way to conserve carbon steel is to use it daily, clean it with warm water, dry it very well with a soft cloth or towel after each use and keep it away from humid environments.


If the knife is not going to be used for a while, we will keep it outside its cover (never in the bathroom) treated with some product that protects the blade from oxidation and stains such as petroleum jelly, preferably not water based .