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RasoZero Spiffero Pre Shave Cream 100ml


Rasozero pre shave cream is produced using only the finest, carefully selected natural ingredients without the need for any nasty preservatives.

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Use in small quantities prior to shaving to help soften the whiskers, provide a protective layer and add slickness to your shave, the more Water you add, the more the slickness increases. You will definitely enjoy this Italian pre shave cream as part of your shaving experience. You will not be disappointed!

Scent: Spiffero is a refreshing and balanced mint and eucalyptus fragrance. Head Notes of Eucalyptus & Caphorous Mint, Heart Notes of Eucalyptus and Base Notes of Eucalyptus & Citrus Fruits

- Size: 100ml in a plastic bowl with screw top lid

Artisan Made in Italy