Tired Legs Gel Cold Effect. COOL RECOVERY, Kueshi , 250ml View larger

Tired Legs Gel Cold Effect. COOL RECOVERY, Kueshi , 250ml


Gel with Aloe Vera, Arnica montana and Harpagofito, unbeatable for help circulation. Only vegetables and natural products without parabens or synthetic additives.

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This gel is perfect for when you have a feeling of heaviness in the legs, especially during the day, but it can also be used as a remedy shockproof thanks to the wonderful antiinflmatory properties of Arnica, a plant used since ancient times for this purpose.  


Arnica, or hill tobacco.  Scientific name: Arnica montana

Family: Asteraceae



Plant of 20-60 cm with yellow flowers and dark brown fruit with pappus of fine hairs, typical of composite.

Protected species reduction due to its medicinal properties. Therefore, we should not collect it, but we can buy in health food stores or using products that bear.



Has many beneficial properties for the skin:

* Anti-inflammatory and analgesic by helenalin. Therefore, in topical use it is very suitable for bruises, contusions, sprains , etc.

* Can be used against insect bites.

* Always use externally.