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For over 20 years they have been manufacturing shaving brushes in Germany. A traditional craft that they live with enthusiasm. The quality and individuality are their top priorities.

In our shop you will find a selection of very different badger hair shaving brushes.
From the badger type "Pure Badger" to the famous "Silvertip Badger"

The production of the original shavemac shaving brush head requires manual skills, abundant experience , high quality materials and the right tools . This includes a high-quality badger hair, a tie cord, a bit precious resin, a precision balance and  a forming block for contouring.

List of products by manufacturer
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    96.00 € 128.00 € -25%

    Shavemac brushes are manufactured entirely by hand in Germany and only offer the best for shaving. This, together with a great passion for detail, guarantees a very high level of quality.The natural badger hair is able to retain a large amount of water, remaining firm and flexible. Combined with a good shaving soap or shaving cream, it ensure a creamy and...

    96.00 € 128.00 € -25%
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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item